Split Solar Pressurized System

Split Solar Pressurized System


General Features:
Collector : Heat pipe solar collector
Tank capacity : 200L-1,000L
Heat exchanger (inside tank) : Copper coil
Inner tank : SUS316L stainless steel
Auxiliary energy : Electirc heater 2000W
Expansion vessel : 8L / 12L / 18Liters
Accessories : Solar Controller
To Guarantee : 1 Years
Certifications : CE,Solar Keymark, ISO9001

The split solar water heating is an active system, using a circulation pump with a controller to circulate the fluid in the closed loop system. Storage tank and solar collector are separated, the collector is integrated with the building perfectly, while the tank and the pump station can be installed anywhere in the building.


  1. No disorder water tank on your roof.
  2. Suitable for domestic and commercial hot water
  3. Completely automatic operation by solar controller
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